Thick-Isk E-Book
By Tiffany Smith

Thick-Isk E-Book

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Grab my BEST SELLING e-book Thickish and discover my 5 tips to starting your weight loss journey!!!! I’ve lost 85-lbs naturally TWICE and these 5 tips helped me throughout my journey! 


MY STORY: I lost 85 lbs using low carb recipes and no gym workouts. After getting on the Depo Shot birth control, I gained 78 lbs back within 2 months. I then jump started the second phase of my journey using intermittent fasting and now I’m BACK! Using these methods taught me a lot about my body and how wellness works! Let me pass along my knowledge and join the 21-Day Wellness Challenge! For $21 you receive:

-Weight Loss Tutorials

-Low Carb AND Intermittent Fasting Meal Plans

-Workout Calendar all under 30 minutes and at home

-1 on 1 support

-Discounts of Waist Trimmers and Merch 

Watch my full journey on my YouTube page: